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AB dispensing gun

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  • The method of discharging bubbles from the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun
    There are generally two problems with the bubbles in the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun. First, the bubbles appear in the glue itself. Second, air enters the glue during use. Two points need to be excluded when using the dispensing syringe. It is perfect to use the dispensing syringe; othe
  • How to be more accurate with a hand-held dispensing gun
    When applying glue in the production process, it is usually done by manual dispensing by manually holding the glue bottle. However, the precision control range of this method is highly dependent on the accuracy of manual operation, and the quality of the finished product often depends on the operato
  • Standard Troubleshooting of Dispensing Gun
    1. Drip valveThis situation often occurs after the pre-gluing valve of the Dispensing Gun is closed. 95% of these cases are due to the use of too tiny needles in diameter. A too small needle will affect the flow of the liquid and cause back pressure, resulting in a dripping phenomenon shortly after
  • How to reduce the cost of using static mixing tubes
    How to reduce the cost of using static mixing tubesWe all know that frequent replacement of static mixing tubes will increase your cost. Therefore, we do not recommend frequent replacement of the static mixing tube when it is not necessary. This article will teach you how to clean your static mixing
  • How to use static mixing tube correctly
    How to use static mixing tube correctly The static mixing tube is a must for using a manual glue gun. The precision-fitting spiral blade can make the mixing more uniform and complete. Please note that different glues should choose different static mixing tubes. Glues of different processes and formu
  • TOP 4 Manufacturers That Produces Epoxy Guns
    This article is for those who are looking for epoxy gun supplier or looking to get a cheap price from manufacturers. To make sure you find the right product, please read this. There are certain Epoxy gun factories that you'll want to invest in. Read more below for a list of the top companies that pr
  • How Does AB Glue Change From Liquid To Solid?
    How does AB glue change from liquid to solid? SAYYES is a professional dual component packaging manufacturer in China, to introduce the three stages of AB glue curing.
  • This glue gun is not ordinary
    This glue gun is not ordinaryI can see that there is an unusual gun here. This gun is called a adhesive dispensing gun. How do you use this gun?1. First read the life book, pay attention to the different components of the glue gun, and how they should work. The instruction manual should be able to t