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How to be more accurate with a hand-held dispensing gun

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How to be more accurate with a hand-held dispensing gun

When applying glue in the production process, it is usually done by manual dispensing by manually holding the glue bottle. However, the precision control range of this method is highly dependent on the accuracy of manual operation, and the quality of the finished product often depends on the operator's proficiency and attention. When encountering application points that require high dispensing accuracies, such as motherboards, precision instruments, and threads, traditional dispensing methods are often incompetent, and it is prone to situations such as poor control of the amount of glue or difficulty in dispensing due to tricky angles.

dispensing gun

Are you still worried about the above troubles?

The hand-held dispensing gun can be directly installed on the dispensing bottle. Whether a 50ml or 250ml bottle, it can be used with the hand-held dispensing gun to form a complete dispensing system! Just insert the dispensing gun into the glue bottle, and after the adhesive is pumped out of the nozzle, the delicate parts can be glued.

Precise sizing and waste prevention

The average amount of glue applied in one press of the dispensing gun is about 30mg, and the dispensing nozzle can be adjusted to achieve three angles of glue application: horizontal position, 45° upward, and 45° downward, to meet different operational needs and make the dispensing process more convenient. Accurate and consistent, while avoiding glue waste and contamination, the dispensing nozzle can also be folded down 90° for easy storage.

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