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Dual Component Cartridge

AB glue cartridge, also called dual glue cartridge, Dual Component Cartridge. AB glue cartridge is a new technology product used in a new type of multi-fluid packaging and storage liquid. It is designed into two specific size conjoined storages according to the different ratios of commonly used fluids. It is composed of liquid pipes and is mainly used as a container for storing glue in manual or pneumatic dispensing devices.


Classification of AB glue cartridge

According to the capacity of AB glue cartridge: 50ml series, 200ml series, 300ml series, 400ml series, 450ml series, 600ml series.

According to the ratio of AB glue cartridge: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1.

According to the AB glue cartridge, the matching hose and glue gun are divided into: first generation AB glue cartridge, second generation AB glue cartridge, and third generation AB glue cartridge.


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  50ml Series         200ml Series          400ml Series 

50ml Dual Component Cartridge

200ml Dual Component Cartridge