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50ml Dual Cartridge Epoxy



AB glue has high bonding strength, but there are some shortcomings, such as long curing time, poor curing caused by uneven manual mixing, long curing time and so on. Most people use traditional methods to dispense and apply glue. At present, there is a quick glue dispensing system that can be solved. This system is mainly composed of a glue gun, a 50ml Dual Cartridge Epoxy, and a mixing tube. The glue factory uses a two-component syringe to pre-package the AB glue and store it in the AB glue 50ml Dual Cartridge. When using it, install it on the glue gun, and then connect the mixing tube to the glue outlet and use the mixing page in the mixing tube. Mix the two glue pipes evenly (usually after 7 knots, most of them are 17 knots, and the mixing effect is hundreds of times that of manual), and then apply the glue to the parts that need to be bonded.

50ml Dual Cartridge Epoxy have the following models

Capacity: 50ML, 200ML, 235ML, 345ML, 400ML, 600ML


Material: Polyethylene, no silicon.

Composition: hose body, piston (2)

50ML 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 four ratios

200ML 1:1 ratio

235ML 10:1 ratio

345ML 10:1 ratio

400ML 1:1 ratio

600ML 1:1 ratio

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