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Martin, a founder of Shiyue Company. He has worked in the adhesive industry for 20 years .He he have extensive experience in adhesive application and static mixing of adhesives. The goal of our company is not only provide you adhesive packaging. But also we will support you in choosing the most suitable adhesive solution. In the production process, we know that cost is a major issue. Adequate mixing and precise glue output is the key to controlling costs. We can provide the best solution for each adhesive application. We also have a long-term and good cooperation with China's famous adhesive brand. The dispensing equipment manufacturers. We can provide you with a complete set of products and services for glue filling. We are proud that we can help our customers achieve greater value.

Mission of Shiyue
We specialize in providing friendly, high-quality adhesive packaging . And packaging equipment to global adhesive companies. Providing users with the most suitable adhesive solution.
We are honest and efficient to create value for users. Including employees, shareholders, society and channel partners.

Talent development
Shiyue always pursue the humanistic concept of "care for employees and put them first". It can give them space for development. And create an excellent talent development platform for every hard-working employee.

career planning
The company advocate people-oriented, giving employees more choices with career development methods. Including internal ladder rotation, promotion, management and professional double ladder development. Employees choose the most suitable development direction according to their own characteristics.

Education system
Training is the best welfare for employees. Since its establishment. The company has always attached great importance to employee training and development. It also provided a professional learning platform. We established a complete training mechanism. To ensure the ShiYue talent team has the freshest "knowledgeblood" supply.
We're the professional manufacturer who specializes in producing various injection pumps, caulking guns, AB cartridges and static mixers,Spray pumps, plastic Bottle and other related products to all over the world, especially USA, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Spain, Brazil etc. Our products are widely used for glues, acrylic adhesives, silicones, sealants ,epoxy and coating etc, and involving many sectors, like construction, waterproof, tunnel &bridge, industry, automotive, electronic conglutination, beauty and dental .....

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