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Disposable Static Mixers

Disposable static mixers also known as static mix nozzles, AB glue mixing tubes, are an excellent dispensing tool for two part adhesives in a variety of different ratios. these accessories are added to the end of two part adhesives where the material makes its way down a chamber while being constantly mixed before it is finally dispensed. The mixing process often activates the adhesive or material being dispensed and begins the adhesion process.

When dispensing 2-part adhesives, resins, and epoxies, the reactive chemistry must be mixed thoroughly to achieve the specified results. To attain accurate blending and dispensing of such formulations, disposable static mixers are the most economical and commonly used approach. Determining the correct static mixer for your application requires testing or prior experience to meet your application/process goal.

As your expert in Meter Mix & Dispensing equipment, Haijing Dispensing can help you choose the correct static mixer and carries the full line of Nordson EFD (formerly TAH) and Sulzer mixers to meet all your dispensing needs.

For additional information on any of our Disposable Static Mixer offerings, feel free to contact us. Be sure to ask us about our quantity discounts, price lock-ins.


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A Series The Disposable Static Mixers

B Series The Disposable Static Mixers

C Series The Disposable Static Mixers

E Series The Plastic Static Mixer

F/G Series The Disposable Static Mixers

MR Series The Disposable Static Mixers

RM/RS Series The Disposable Static Mixers

S Series The Disposable Static Mixers

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