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Static Mixer Nozzle

A static mixer nozzle, also known as a motionless mixer or inline mixer, is a device used in fluid processing applications to blend or mix two or more fluid streams. It is called a "static" mixer because it operates without moving parts or external energy input. The mixing is achieved purely through the design and arrangement of internal elements within the nozzle.

The basic construction of a static mixer nozzle typically consists of a tube or pipe with a series of stationary mixing elements mounted internally. These mixing elements, such as baffles, plates, or twisted elements, can take various forms. The fluids pass through the nozzle, and as they flow over and around these mixing elements, they are subjected to repeated splitting, folding, and recombining. This complex flow pattern promotes thorough mixing and blending of the fluids.

Static mixer nozzles are used in various industries and applications, including chemical processing, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, and more. They are capable of handling liquids, gases, and even viscous fluids. Some common uses of static mixers include:

1. Homogenization: Blending different components to achieve a uniform mixture or consistency.

2. Dispersion: Breaking down and dispersing one fluid into another, such as mixing additives into a base fluid.

3. Reacting: Combining reactive components to initiate chemical reactions.

4. Heat transfer: Facilitating the transfer of heat between different fluids.

5. PH adjustment: Mixing acid and base solutions to achieve a desired pH level.

6. Coagulation and flocculation: Assisting in forming larger particles for easier separation in wastewater treatment processes.

Static mixer nozzles offer several advantages, including simplicity, reliability, low maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. They are often preferred over traditional mechanical mixers in applications requiring continuous mixing or when the fluids being processed are sensitive to shear or agitation.

Haijing C Series Static Mixer Nozzle

The Haijing C series static mixers nozzle, which are white and transparent, find common usage in glue filling machines and hand-held glue guns. They are particularly well-suited for blending liquids that contain pigments, allowing for easy observation. On the other hand, the MCX series mixing tube, available in red and transparent, is designed to be used in conjunction with AB cartridges with ratios of 10:1 and 4:1. It features a unique split inlet that enables effective mixing of liquids with a wide range of ratios. The spiral blade design enhances the mixing efficiency, surpassing that of manual mixing methods.