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  • How to choose a proper static mixer?

    First of all, you need to know what kind of mixing system is compatible with your current cartridges or your equipment. There are 4 major systems – A, B, C, and F system. A and B systems are for low-volume cartridges like 50ml and 100ml. C and F systems are for high-systems like 200ml, 400ml, and 60

  • How to determine a mixer size?

    Calculate the flow rate: Determine the flow rate of the fluid being mixed in units of volume per time, such as gallons per minute or liters per second. This value will be used to calculate the diameter of the mixer. Determine the Reynolds number: The Reynolds number is a dimensionless value that rep

  • How Static Mixers Can Enhance your Adhesive Application

    Adhesives are ubiquitous in modern industry. They are used to bond together everything from metals and plastics to textiles and wood. However, the efficient application of adhesives can be a challenge. Adhesives are often viscous, difficult to mix, and can set quickly, leading to inconsistent bondin

  • Every things you need to know about disposable static mixers

    Disposable static mixers are tools used for mixing two or more fluids together in a controlled and precise manner. They are commonly used in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, adhesives, coatings, and chemicals.In this article, we will discuss everything you ne

  • How does a static mixer work?

    Try pouring salad oil over water and see what happens. Two layers form, and the oil floats on the water. Try blowing air into a liquid. What happens? Bubbles appear in the liquid but also disappear quickly. In thicker oils, this happens more slowly than in water. Oil, water, or natural gas do not mi

  • Is a static mixer a precision device?

    Static mixers can achieve turbulent flow and relatively low-pressure losses. Static mixers can provide good continuous mixing and repeatable results for single-phase or multi-phase applications when adequately designed and sized.Static mixers are precision devices that provide continuous mixing of f

  • The method of discharging bubbles from the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun

    There are generally two problems with the bubbles in the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun. First, the bubbles appear in the glue itself. Second, air enters the glue during use. Two points need to be excluded when using the dispensing syringe. It is perfect to use the dispensing syringe; othe

  • How to be more accurate with a hand-held dispensing gun

    When applying glue in the production process, it is usually done by manual dispensing by manually holding the glue bottle. However, the precision control range of this method is highly dependent on the accuracy of manual operation, and the quality of the finished product often depends on the operato

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