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How to install and use Dispensing Gun

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How to install and use Dispensing Gun

People often use sealant to seal the gaps on the pool countertop, doors, windows, etc. The sealant is usually used in conjunction with the Dispensing Gun. The installation and use of the Dispensing Gun can be divided into the following 4 steps.

1. Prepare materials

When installing and using sealants, we must prepare related materials and tools, such as utility knives, sealants, Dispensing guns, seam cones, masking paper, and other materials and tools.

2. Dispensing Gun installation

When installing the Dispensing Gun, we can use a knife and other tools to cut off the sharp end of the sealant seal, and the thread at the seal cannot be cut off when cutting. Next, we screw the nozzle into the sealant seal. When installing, the nozzle thread should be aligned with the thread of the sealant seal. Next, we hold the iron piece behind the Dispensing Gun with one hand and pull the Dispensing Gun extension arm back to the maximum with the other hand. Finally, we put the beauty seam glue into the Dispensing Gun tube and pressed the iron piece behind the Dispensing Gun to put the extension rod against the sealant.

3. Construction site treatment

If a sealant is used to fill door and window gaps, etc., we need to clean up the dirt in the gap. For example, we can use tools such as seam cleaning cones to push out the debris in the gap and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the debris. When filling the sealant, you can also use textured paper to stick it next to the gap to avoid sealing the tiles near the gap.

4. Use of Dispensing Gun

According to the size of the gap, use a knife to open an oblique opening at the glue nozzle. Then we align the nozzle with the gap and gently press the handle of the Dispensing Gun to drive the sealant into the gap. When using the Dispensing Gun, we want to press the handle instead of pressing the handle gently. When filling the gap with sealant, the Dispensing Gun needs to move evenly, etc. After the sealant is filled, we scrape off the excess glue with a scraper and tear off the masking paper.

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