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  • The method of discharging bubbles from the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun
    There are generally two problems with the bubbles in the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun. First, the bubbles appear in the glue itself. Second, air enters the glue during use. Two points need to be excluded when using the dispensing syringe. It is perfect to use the dispensing syringe; othe
  • How do prevent bubbles from appearing in the dispensing syringe of the Dispensing Gun when dispensing?
    Is your Dispensing Gun oozing, dripping, or beading on the end of the dispensing needle? If all settings for the Dispensing Gun are correct, this may be the result of air entrapment. To prevent air from affecting the consistency of the glue point, when dispensing with a syringe barrel, use the follo
  • How to install and use Dispensing Gun
    People often use sealant to seal the gaps on the pool countertop, doors, windows, etc. The sealant is usually used in conjunction with the Dispensing Gun. The installation and use of the Dispensing Gun can be divided into the following 4 steps.1. Prepare materialsWhen installing and using sealants,
  • TOP 4 Manufacturers That Produces Epoxy Guns
    This article is for those who are looking for epoxy gun supplier or looking to get a cheap price from manufacturers. To make sure you find the right product, please read this. There are certain Epoxy gun factories that you'll want to invest in. Read more below for a list of the top companies that pr
  • This glue gun is not ordinary
    This glue gun is not ordinaryI can see that there is an unusual gun here. This gun is called a adhesive dispensing gun. How do you use this gun?1. First read the life book, pay attention to the different components of the glue gun, and how they should work. The instruction manual should be able to t