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This glue gun is not ordinary

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This glue gun is not ordinary

This glue gun is not ordinary

I can see that there is an unusual gun here. This gun is called a adhesive dispensing gun. How do you use this gun?

1. First read the life book, pay attention to the different components of the glue gun, and how they should work. The instruction manual should be able to tell you whether your glue gun will automatically heat up, or need to be turned on and off, and how long the warm-up time usually takes Time, which materials are recommended.

2. Check the manual dispensing gun for signs of damage. Before plugging in the power supply or using the glue gun, check the glue gun carefully, check for cracks, chipping or any other signs of damage, and see if the wires are frayed or broken.微信图片_20210331114626

3. Make sure that the nozzle is free of old glue residue. There should be a clear melting path at the tip of the glue gun. If necessary, remove the nozzle, wipe it with aluminum foil, take out the dry glue, or clean the hole with a toothpick.

4. Put the glue stick into the back of the gun, take a new glue stick, put one end in the round opening at the back of the gun, and slide it in until it stops.

5. Plug the power cord of the glue gun into a power outlet, and find a power outlet on the wall closest to your workplace. The heating element of the glue gun will automatically start heating the glue stick, so do not touch the nozzle or leave the glue gun unattended.

6. When the glue heats up, give the glue gun a few minutes to make the glue soft. Once it is fully melted, the glue will seep out when you pull the ban machine. For most glue guns, the heating process takes about two minutes.

7. Gently squeeze the ban machine to release the melted glue, turn the nozzle of the glue sprayer down, and stick it on the items you want to stick.

8. Start with a small amount of glue, and then determine whether you need more glue, too much use will make the soft surface hard and ugly.

9. Turn off the switch of the glue gun after use.

10. Clean the AB dispensing gun and store it well.

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