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  • How to choose a dispensing gun?

    How to choose a dispensing gun Nowadays, many manual industries need to use glue guns for glue work, so there is a tremendous demand for them. There are mainly two types of glue guns on the market, namely electric glue guns and manual glue guns. We will talk about these two dispensing guns to let yo

  • The working principle of the manual dispensing gun

    A manual dispensing gun is a tool used by workers to manually control the dispensing, which belongs to semi-automatic dispensing machines. The degree of automation is not high, and it is generally used on equipment with many types and specifications of dispensing products. It is not suitable for dis

  • This glue gun is not ordinary

    This glue gun is not ordinaryI can see that there is an unusual gun here. This gun is called a adhesive dispensing gun. How do you use this gun?1. First read the life book, pay attention to the different components of the glue gun, and how they should work. The instruction manual should be able to t

  • What Should I Do If The Glue Gun Does Not Produce Glue?

    It is indeed a headache for the staff to encounter that the dual dispensing glue gun does not produce glue. Today we will discuss with you several reasons why the glue gun does not produce glue. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Manual dispensing gun1) The manual dispensing gun is not cleaned, a