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How to choose a dispensing gun?

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How to choose a dispensing gun?

Nowadays, many manual industries need to use glue guns for glue work, so there is a tremendous demand for them. There are mainly two types of glue guns on the market, namely electric glue guns and manual glue guns. We will talk about these two dispensing guns to let you know more about your needs.

1. Automatic dispensing gun


It is a product of modern technology. It is smaller than a manual dispensing gun, but it is heavier. The electric glue gun has a higher driving force and a more stable glue output rate. For more professional users, electric dispensing guns are more suitable for their work because electric dispensing guns are suitable for occasions with a lot of work. But the weight of the electric dispensing gun is heavier, and holding it for a long time will cause muscle soreness, and it is difficult for workers to use it stably.

2. manual dispensing gun


   A manual dispensing gun is a simple but easy-to-use dispensing device. It usually consists of a static mixer, dual glue cartridge, and adhesive dispensing gun. You can adjust these parts in size and proportion. The degree of customization of manual dispensing guns is higher than that of electric dispensers, and the cost of these parts is meager. The electric dispenser stops working and requires some operations, while the manual dispensing gun can stop outputting glue at any time. The manual dispensing gun is undoubtedly more suitable for you in the fragmented dispensing work scene. Moreover, its weight is very light, and it is not easy to cause sore arms.

The above are the main differences between the two dispensers. Which dispenser to choose depends on your own needs. Please choose according to different characteristics. Glue is part of the cost. Waste of glue and inefficient construction will increase the cost. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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