Dual Cartridge Systems

Dual Cartridge Systems is mainly composed of three large parts: dispensing gun, dual component cartridge and plastic static mixer. Use a dual component cartridge to pre-package the AB glue and store it in the AB glue dual component cartridge. When using it, install it on the dispensing gun, and then connect the static mixer to the glue outlet, and use the mixing sheet in the mixing tube to The two kinds of glue are mixed evenly, and then the glue is applied to the parts to be bonded. The problem of poor curing and long curing time caused by uneven manual mixing of glue is solved.
Static mixer: It is composed of PP outer tube and a spiral mixing blade. The mixing blade is completely designed according to fluid mechanics. It can instantly mix the two-component adhesive from the two-component sub-cylinder so that the mixing effect is better than manual mixing. Using a static mixing tube to mix two-component liquid materials can save labor, reduce waste, greatly improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
Dual Cartridges: Mainly used in the packaging of double-liquid glue. The two kinds of glue are separated and stored in two cylindrical plastic containers, so that cross-contamination of materials will not occur. It has the characteristics of light and beautiful, durable sealing, flexible control of the amount of glue, and convenient storage after use.
dispensing gun: is a kind of glue (or squeezing) equipment, through the plunger to apply pressure to the contents of the double cartridge, forcing them to merge when entering the mixer. Simple operation, compact and durable, suitable for manual dispensing needs.

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Application Range of Dual Cartridge Systems

Electronics Industry

Positioning and encapsulation of electronic system components, and fixing of parts in the instrument

Decoration Industry

Bonding of iron, wood, plastic, marble, fixing of structural aluminum window frames, door frames, and protection boards, etc.

Furniture Industry

Plastics and metals are used for bonding decorative strips and panels, fixing wood, and fixing marble and wood.

Handicraft Industry

Bonding of ceramic crafts, glass products, shellfish crafts, jewelry, hairpins, etc.

Lighting Industry

Installation and fixing of various lighting accessories.

Glue Industry

We provide Dual Cartridge Systems for the glue industry, including dispensing gun, dual component cartridge and static mixer.

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