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Disposable Static Mixers

What is Disposable Static Mixer?

Disposable static mixers also known as static mix nozzles, AB glue mixing tubes, are an excellent dispensing tool for two part adhesives in a variety of different ratios. these accessories are added to the end of two part adhesives where the material makes its way down a chamber while being constantly mixed before it is finally dispensed. The mixing process often activates the adhesive or material being dispensed and begins the adhesion process.

When dispensing 2-part adhesives, resins, and epoxies, the reactive chemistry must be mixed thoroughly to achieve the specified results. To attain accurate blending and dispensing of such formulations, disposable static mixers are the most economical and commonly used approach. Determining the correct static mixer for your application requires testing or prior experience to meet your application/process goal.

The Application of Our Disposable Static Mixer

Haijing's epoxy static mixer tube is specially designed for adhesive and sealant dispensing industry for the accurate and consistent blending of two-part adhesives or sealants. They ensure a uniform mixture and facilitate precise dispensing, resulting in reliable and strong bonds.

The advantage of Using Static Mixer

1. Two-Part Adhesive Mixing: Many adhesives and sealants consist of two components, such as resin and hardener, that need to be thoroughly mixed before application. Static mixers provide an efficient and precise way to blend these components in the correct ratio. As the adhesive passes through the static mixer, it undergoes thorough mixing due to the geometric design of the mixer elements. This ensures a homogeneous mixture, eliminating the need for manual mixing and resulting in consistent bonding performance.

2. Controlled Dispensing: Epoxy static mixers tube facilitate controlled dispensing of adhesives and sealants. By incorporating a static mixer nozzle or mixer element at the dispensing point, the two components are mixed in real-time as they are dispensed. This allows for on-demand mixing and reduces the risk of premature curing or setting of the adhesive. The controlled dispensing also enables precise application, minimizing waste and optimizing adhesive usage.

3. Continuous Production: Static mixers are well-suited for applications where adhesives and sealants need to be dispensed continuously in a production line. With the use of static mixers, manufacturers can achieve a consistent blend of the two components, ensuring uniform adhesive properties throughout the production process. This is particularly valuable in high-volume production environments where efficiency and consistency are paramount.

4. Complex Bonding Applications: Static mixers are beneficial in complex bonding applications where adhesives and sealants need to be dispensed in hard-to-reach or intricate areas. The small size and flexible design of some static mixers enable access to confined spaces, allowing for effective mixing and dispensing even in challenging bonding scenarios.

5. Reduced Waste: By employing static mixers, adhesive and sealant waste can be significantly minimized. The precise blending of the two components within the static mixer ensures that the entire mixture is dispensed, leaving no excess adhesive behind. This helps to optimize material usage and reduces costs associated with wasted adhesives.

Why Choose Haijing Disposable Static Mixer?

As your expert in Meter Mix & Dispensing equipment, Haijing Dispensing can help you choose the correct static mixer and carries the full line of Nordson EFD (formerly TAH) and Sulzer mixers to meet all your dispensing needs.

Haijing static mixer stands out due to its superior design and performance, enabling precise blending of two-part adhesives at various ratios. Our static mixer ensures a homogeneous mixture, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Its innovative construction allows for reliable and hassle-free dispensing, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. With the Haijing static mixer, our valued customers can trust in the integrity and effectiveness of their adhesive applications, resulting in strong and enduring bonds.

For additional information on any of our Disposable Static Mixer offerings, feel free to contact us. Be sure to ask us about our quantity discounts, price lock-ins.