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The working principle of the manual dispensing gun

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The working principle of the manual dispensing gun

A manual dispensing gun is a tool used by workers to manually control the dispensing, which belongs to semi-automatic dispensing machines. The degree of automation is not high, and it is generally used on equipment with many types and specifications of dispensing products. It is not suitable for dispensing mass-produced items.


The working principle of manual dispensing gun:

The worker assembles a complete set of dispensing guns, presses AB glue into the piston chamber of the AB glue cartridge, and temporarily separates the two types of glue to reach the best viscosity when the dispenser is working. The front end of the manual dispensing gun uses a static mixer pipe, and the static mixer pipe fills the glue for stirring and mixing. When the piston pressure pushes the glue to flow, it will point on the product from the glue needle.

Features of manual dispensing gun:

1. Suitable for various fluids

2. Suitable for frequent operation and reduced labor intensity

3. Lightweight, reducing the load on workers' arms

The above is the topic about the working principle of the manual dispensing gun; please contact us for more industry information.

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