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Standard Troubleshooting of Dispensing Gun

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Standard Troubleshooting of Dispensing Gun

1. Drip valve

This situation often occurs after the pre-gluing valve of the Dispensing Gun is closed. 95% of these cases are due to the use of too tiny needles in diameter. A too small needle will affect the flow of the liquid and cause back pressure, resulting in a dripping phenomenon shortly after the valve is closed. A too small needle will also affect the bubble-exhausting action when the valve is in use. Just replace the larger needle. Can solve this problem. The tapered, angled needle produces the slightest back pressure and smooth fluid flow. The air in the liquid will leak after the valve is closed. It is to remove the air in the liquid in advance or use glue that is not easy to contain air bubbles. Or use the glue after centrifuging and defoaming.

2. The glue size is inconsistent

When the glue is inconsistent, it is mainly caused by the instability of the pressure cylinder or the air pressure that stores the fluid. The inlet pressure regulator should be set at 10 to 15psi. Lower than the factory pressure. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder should be above the pressure in the middle of the pressure regulator. Avoid using the pressure in the low-pressure part of the pressure gauge. The control pressure of the glue valve should be at least 60psi to ensure stable glue output. The gluing time should be checked. If it is less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue will be unstable. The longer the glue time, the more stable the glue.

3. The flow rate is too slow

If the flow rate is too slow, change the tubing from 1/4” to 3/8”. The pipeline should be as short as possible if not needed. In addition to changing the tube, the glue port and air pressure must be changed to speed up the flow rate.

4. Air bubbles in the fluid

Excessive fluid pressure combined with too short valve opening time may infiltrate air into the liquid. The solution is to reduce the fluid pressure and use a tapered bevel needle.

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