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What Is A Plastic Static Mixer?

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What Is A Plastic Static Mixer?

The Plastic Static Mixer is a new technology product used in multi-fluid mixing. It is composed of a series of up, down, left and right rotating blades, which are arranged in a casing and arranged vertically in sequence. It does not need to be driven by external force; it only uses the fluid itself when it passes through the mixer to perform continuous cutting and overlap, transforming more than two materials into a uniform mixture. The square Plastic Static Mixer is improved and innovated on the basis of the round Plastic Static Mixer, which is a high-end product with high efficiency, economy and durability.

The principle of the Plastic Static Mixer is composed of upper, lower, left and right blades arranged in sequence. When two or more fluids pass through each blade, they will be cut into 4 parts, while the circular Plastic Static Mixer can only cut the fluid into 2 parts, so it It is twice the mixing uniformity of the circular Static Mixer tube, so that the fluid mixing is more uniform. Because its blades are arranged naturally and orderly, the resistance of the square static mixing tube is at least three less than that of the circular static mixing tube. One part of it reduces the drive of external forces and achieves a good cost reduction effect. After the use of the square static mixing tube is stopped, the amount of liquid remaining in the square static mixing tube will be more than one-third less than that of the round static mixing tube, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials, so the square static mixing tube can be used in Reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce the external drive and reduce the cost, while greatly improving the mixing effect of the raw materials, thereby reducing the defect rate of the product and improving the production efficiency.

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