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  • How To Remove AB Glue After Curing?
    In the previous section, I introduced how to use AB glue. Put A glue and B glue in a dual glue cartridge according to a certain ratio, and then mix AB glue with a static mixer tube, and use it to the place where it needs to be glued. But many times, we will make operational mistakes. How to remove t
  • What is a dual component epoxy (1)
    What is a dual component epoxy cartridge (1)You must often hear about AB glue and epoxy glue. In fact, they are all nicknames of the dual component epoxy cartridge. Maybe you are a little strange to this name. This article will introduce you to what is the dual component epoxy cartridge.The dual-com
  • What Happens When Two Dyes Of Different Colors Are Poured Into The Static Mixer Tube?
    Today SAYYES brings you a short story. SAYYES’s friends wanted to draw on a whim, so they took out pens, drawing paper and dyes. I wanted to paint a colorful sea of flowers. In the process of painting, the friends encountered a problem. They felt that the colors were not even enough to look good. So
  • What Is The Scope Of The Static Mixer Tube?
    SAYYES is the leading plastic static mixer supplier in China, offers two-component adhesives systems. We are welcomed by many customers, if you need it, please contact us.
  • What Are The Applications Of The Plastic Static Mixer?
    The plastic static mixer is commonly known as mixing head, dispensing nozzle, mixing rod, spiral tube, spiral rod, and is mainly used to mix two-component liquid materials.
  • What Is A Plastic Static Mixer?
    SAYYES is a Custom Plastic Static Mixer Manufacturer & Supplier in China, specializing in the production of Plastic Static Mixers.