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How To Remove AB Glue After Curing?

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How To Remove AB Glue After Curing?

In the previous section, I introduced how to use AB glue. Put A glue and B glue in a dual glue cartridge according to a certain ratio, and then mix AB glue with a static mixer tube, and use it to the place where it needs to be glued. But many times, we will make operational mistakes. How to remove the AB glue after curing?

3 ways to remove AB glue after curing

1. Both epoxy ab glue and acrylic ab glue are hard and brittle after curing, especially epoxy ab glue, it is easy to break under the action of external force, we can use this ab glue when removing ab glue Characteristic. When the ab glue is broken by an external force, the two objects bonded by the ab glue can naturally be separated. However, this method is only suitable for objects that can withstand external percussion. For example, ceramics cannot use this method, and The separated ab glue needs to be cleaned by other methods;

2. Each chemical raw material used in the production of ab glue has a corresponding chemical solvent that can melt, so the cured ab glue also has a corresponding debonding agent that can melt the glue, but the ab glue itself has good solvent resistance after curing. It is resistant to acid and alkali, and is not easy to be corroded, which means that the ab glue dissolving agent is very corrosive. When using ab glue dissolving agent to remove ab glue, you need to be very careful to avoid harm to the human body. At the same time, the debonding agent of ab glue may also corrode objects, so this method of removing ab glue is not recommended;

3. The high temperature resistance of most ab glues is about 100 degrees. In fact, when the temperature reaches a certain height, even if the ab glue is still attached to the object, its strength will drop a lot. It is easy to separate the two objects, so The ab glue can be removed by warming the ab glue to soften it. At the same time, the ab glue left on the parts that have been separated by breaking the ab glue mentioned above can also be completely removed by this method. This method of removing ab glue is suitable for large Some objects, only some objects that cannot withstand high temperatures cannot be used, such as plastics that are easily deformed at high temperatures.

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