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What Are The Applications Of The Plastic Static Mixer?

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What Are The Applications Of The Plastic Static Mixer?

The plastic static mixer is commonly known as mixing head, dispensing nozzle, mixing rod, spiral tube, spiral rod, and is mainly used to mix two-component liquid materials.

The working principle of the plastic static mixer is to allow the fluid to flow in the pipeline and impact various types of plate elements, increase the velocity gradient of the fluid laminar movement or form turbulence. The laminar flow is "division-position movement-recombination". In addition to the above three conditions, the fluid will also produce violent vortexes in the cross-sectional direction, and a strong shear force acts on the fluid to further divide and mix the fluid, and finally mix to form the desired emulsion. The reason why it is called a "static" mixer means that there are no moving parts in the pipeline, only static components.

The use of the plastic static mixer provides a low-cost solution for the mixing and mixing of two-component liquids. The use of a static mixer tube can save labor, reduce waste, greatly increase productivity and reduce production costs. This product is used in electronics production, electrical appliance manufacturing, civil engineering, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration and other industries. It is widely used in the mixing of various two-component adhesives and fillers (including epoxy resin and silica gel. Of course, this mixing tube can also be used Used in any two-component liquid, epoxy resin PU, UV).

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