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  • Top 5 Static Mixer Manufacturers in 2023
    Static mixers play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring precise and efficient mixing of fluids and materials. As the demand for high-quality static mixers grows, it's essential to identify the leading manufacturers that offer innovative solutions. This article will explore the top five sta
  • How to determine a mixer size?
    Calculate the flow rate: Determine the flow rate of the fluid being mixed in units of volume per time, such as gallons per minute or liters per second. This value will be used to calculate the diameter of the mixer. Determine the Reynolds number: The Reynolds number is a dimensionless value that rep
  • Don'T You Know The Working Principle Of Static Mixing Tube?
    As the leading static mixer manufacturer, SAYYES static mixing tube is specially designed for the new 50ml dispensing gun. Its intubation interface has better sealing performance than ordinary bayonet mixing tube, and the fluid distribution is more scientific. The front and back blades of the spiral
  • What Are The Applications Of The Plastic Static Mixer?
    The plastic static mixer is commonly known as mixing head, dispensing nozzle, mixing rod, spiral tube, spiral rod, and is mainly used to mix two-component liquid materials.
  • What Is A Plastic Static Mixer?
    SAYYES is a Custom Plastic Static Mixer Manufacturer & Supplier in China, specializing in the production of Plastic Static Mixers.