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Don'T You Know The Working Principle Of Static Mixing Tube?

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Don'T You Know The Working Principle Of Static Mixing Tube?

As the leading static mixer manufacturer, SAYYES static mixing tube is specially designed for the new 50ml dispensing gun. Its intubation interface has better sealing performance than ordinary bayonet mixing tube, and the fluid distribution is more scientific. The front and back blades of the spiral core are arranged in sequence and tightly integrated with the shell, so that the fluid mixing tube has a better effect. Different models can be selected according to the ratio of glue and production process. How should the mixing tube be better? Experts in the two-component adhesive industry for many years suggest that SAYYES static mixing tube is the first choice.

Advantages of static mixer nozzle: when there is no bubble in the glue, no bubbles will be generated, uniform mixing, saving labor, reducing waste, effectively improving productivity and reducing production costs.

The static mixer pipe is widely used in various two-component adhesives, fillers and other fields such as epoxy resin, polyurethane, organic silica gel, etc.

Cleaning of static glue mixing tube: The static mixing tube can be used repeatedly. In terms of maintenance, it is mainly to pay attention to cleaning. When customers stop using it, they can use thinner or alcohol to clean.

According to the mixing characteristics of the two-component adhesive, the static glue mixing tube can select products with different inner diameters and lengths to better solve the two-component mixing operation.

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