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AB Dual Cartridges



The AB series AB dual cartridges are available in various proportions. They can be used with manual or pneumatic glue guns. The AB glue cartridges of different capacities and proportions are matched with the corresponding mixing tubes to make the glue mixing more uniform, more convenient and easy to clean. (It can be used manually or used on the dispensing equipment)

AB dual cartridges have the following models

Capacity: 50ML, 200ML, 235ML, 345ML, 400ML, 600ML


Material: Polyethylene, no silicon.

Composition: hose body, piston (2)

50ML 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 four ratios

200ML 1:1 ratio

235ML 10:1 ratio

345ML 10:1 ratio

400ML 1:1 ratio

600ML 1:1 ratio

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