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How to reduce the cost of using static mixing tubes

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How to reduce the cost of using static mixing tubes

How to reduce the cost of using static mixing tubes

We all know that frequent replacement of static mixing tubes will increase your cost. Therefore, we do not recommend frequent replacement of the static mixing tube when it is not necessary. This article will teach you how to clean your static mixing tube to reduce your costs.

Usually, when we use mixed glue, we will complete the work in one go. But occasionally, there will be intermittent work. When you stop using the AB dispensing gun, the glue may solidify in the tube. It is not a good habit. If you often pause work, it is inevitable for the glue to cure in the pipeline. We can only provide you with a few ideas to optimize the use of static mixer nozzle.

Try to maintain a high flow rate when in use. It helps reduce the amount of hold-up in the pipeline. The stuck glue will not only reduce the output rate of the manual glue gun. It is more likely to cause insufficient mixing of the two types of glue. Such results are often wrong. It will not only lead to poor pasting effects but also significantly increase your cost.

When you have finished your work, clean the static mixing tube in time. This way, you can use it multiple times, reducing the frequency of replacement.  When the glue is not solidified in the tube, you can rinse it with soap and water. If there is a small amount of glue, it starts to solidify. Then you may need to use solvents and ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning.

All in all, develop good usage habits. Fully understand the characteristics of glue. It is the way to helps to reduce costs and expenses.

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