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How Does AB Glue Change From Liquid To Solid?

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How Does AB Glue Change From Liquid To Solid?

AB glue is often used in life. Generally, AB glue is installed in Dual Component Cartridges, and glue A and glue B are separated to keep both types of glue in the liquid state. Install the static mixer nozzle on the dual component cartridges, and then install the AB dispensing gun, you can use it. How does AB glue change from liquid to solid? SAYYES is a professional dual component packaging manufacturer in China, to introduce the three stages of AB glue curing.

1. Liquid-operating time: operating time (it can also be working time or use time) is a part of the curing time. After the epoxy resin and curing agent are mixed and mixed uniformly in proportion, the mixture is still liquid, and within this state time Glue filling can be carried out, and the glue should have enough time to penetrate into the filling product; in order to ensure reliable sealing and protect the bonding performance, all construction and positioning work should be completed within the curing operation time.

2. Gel-entering curing: the mixture begins to enter the curing phase (also known as the curing stage), at which time it begins to gel or "mutate"; at this time, the epoxy cannot work for a long time, the fluidity has rapidly deteriorated, and it will also lose viscosity. This stage will not be disturbed, it will become a soft rubber-like hard rubber, you can hold it with your fingers because the mixture is only partially cured, the newly used epoxy resin can still be chemically connected to it, so it is not The treated surface can still be stuck or reacted, in any case, these abilities of the near-cured mixture will be reduced.

3. Solid state-final curing: The epoxy mixture reaches the solid-state curing stage, and other processes can be performed at this time. The colloid at this time has gradually shown a higher hardness until it is finally cured. At this time, the final reaction strength of the epoxy resin is about 70%-90%. Therefore, the fixing clip can be removed and kept at room temperature for several days To continue curing. The epoxy resin used at this time cannot be chemically connected to it. Therefore, the epoxy resin surface must be properly pretreated, such as sanding, to obtain good bonding mechanical strength.

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