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The related introduction of static mixer

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The related introduction of static mixer

The static mixer is a highly engineered static mixing device that can realize continuous online mixing of fluids in the pipeline. The static mixer has no moving parts. It uses airflow energy to produce consistent, cost-effective, and reliable mixing. The static mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment without moving parts. Its primary working mechanism is to use the mixing unit body fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube to achieve the purpose of good dispersion and complete mixing of different fluids.

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Principle and application

In the static mixer, the movement of the fluid follows the law of "segmentation-displacement-overlap," and displacement plays a significant role in the mixing process. The displacement methods can be divided into "relative displacement caused by the same cross-sectional flow velocity distribution and "multi-channel relative displacement." The displacement methods of different types of mixers are also different. You can apply it to mixing-transmission-related Processes, including gas/gas mixing, liquid/liquid extraction, gas/liquid reaction, enhanced heat transfer, and liquid/liquid reaction. Static mixers are widely used in plastics, chemicals, medicine, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemicals, Pesticides, cables, petroleum, papermaking, chemical fiber, biology, environmental protection, and many other industries. Because the product has low energy consumption, low investment, sound effects, and quick results, it has brought considerable economic benefits to users.

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