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The Magical Use Of AB Glue In Daily Life

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The Magical Use Of AB Glue In Daily Life

SAYYES is the leading dual component packaging manufacturer & factory in China, offers plastic static mixers, AB dual cartridges and dual cartridge dispensing guns. Our products are mainly used in the use of AB glue.

First, I have to give you a brief introduction to epoxy resin AB glue. What is introduced here refers to the most common AB glue in epoxy resin glue. When using it, epoxy resin (A glue) and curing agent (B Glue) mix uniformly and then apply glue. In daily life, the most commonly used AB glue, usually its ratio is 1:1, and the curing time varies from 10 minutes to 8 hours according to different curing agents. The biggest advantage of oxygen resin glue is that it has high bonding strength to hard materials such as metal, glass, wood, ceramics, stone, etc. After curing, it has good water and oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance. After curing, it can maintain a good bonding effect for a long time. OK, let us now take a look at the magical effects of epoxy resin in life.

1. The furniture handles or door bolts, bolts, handles, etc. are loose. Sometimes the screws cannot be tightened due to the sliding of the screws or the loose holes. At this time, use an empty dual cartridge dispense AB glue, install the plastic static mixer and dual cartridge dispensing gun, pour into the screw hole, fix the handle, and it won't loosen after curing;

2. The floor or tiles in the home are loose, you can use AB glue to coat or pour into the gap;

3. The floor, ceiling, or wall of the home sees water, or pour the adjusted AB glue into the crack or paint the surface;

4. The sink, washstand, and bathtub at home are leaking. You can apply the adjusted AB glue to the leaking part, and it will be intact after curing;

Fifth, the joints and rivets of the furniture are loose or out of joint, and the plates of the furniture are upturned and swollen, which can be fixed with AB glue;

VI. The vases, flower pots, and fish tanks at home can also be repaired with AB glue. I bought a pot of exquisite camellia bonsai last year, but within a few days, my naughty son overturned it to the ground. , It broke into three pieces immediately. I washed the splinters of the flowerpot and let them dry, and then carefully applied glue on the splintered surface, and folded them together. Two hours later, I put the camellia and the soil back again, haha, This exquisite camellia has returned to its original shape.

7. If the handles of the ax, hammer with wooden handle, spatula and other tools at home are loose, you can apply glue on the handle, and then reinsert the handle into the hole, and it will not loosen after curing;

8. Home electronic products, such as remote controllers, game consoles, children's toys, etc. Because children are often thrown around, sometimes some components of the circuit board inside are loosened, and the fixing is unstable. You can also use AB glue. fixed,

9. If you have a delicate and precious small insect or leaf or plant specimen and want to keep it intact forever, you can use this specimen to solidify it in transparent epoxy resin. The specific method is to find disposable plastic. Cup or a silicone mold you can find, then pour the adjusted glue in and then put the specimen in the glue. Of course, in order to prevent bubbles in the made things, it is best to use low-viscosity glue, and After the glue is poured, puncture the bubbles with a toothpick. Sometimes, in order to suspend the specimen in the colloid, you need to hook the specimen with a small wire, and then pull out the wire until the glue is solidified. After that, an exquisite little artwork is finished. You can also make all kinds of things you can think of, such as photos, zodiac dolls, etc., hehe, is it quite creative?

10. If you have a bunch of realistic fake flowers or artificial flowers, artificial plants in your home, are you thinking about how to make it look more likable? OK, now with an epoxy resin glue, you can easily achieve your wish. There is a special epoxy resin simulation water glue that can help you achieve it. Pour the prepared glue into the transparent vase, and then insert the artificial flower Among them, it should be noted that the artificial flower needs to be fixed to prevent it from tilting. After the glue is cured, a pot will grow in the "water" and never wither, and the lifelike flowers will appear in front of your eyes.

Well, the above are some small experiences in life. In fact, there are still many magical uses. I believe that as long as you can carefully study, there are many unexpected uses waiting for us to discover.

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