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Plastic Clear Spray Bottle


plastic spray bottle

A Pretty Way to Simplify Cleaning

Use these mini plastic clear spray bottles to keep cleaning solution in kitchen, washroom, garage. Modern design, transparent bottle looks beautiful on worktop or basin and offers clear view of solution inside, so that you can quickly access whatever solution you are looking for.

Personal and Professional Use

Easy to be used for personal hair styling as it offers a misty spray for hairs instead of a dripping wet head. This plastic spray bottle is great for spa and salon for spraying hair color, essence, essential oils, rose water, hair color, DIY rice water and other beauty products.

Multiple Uses

Use for watering indoor plants.

Use to get the creases out of cotton shirt before iron.

Planning for outdoor hiking or camping, use it to fill insect repellent spray.

For all the artist out there, use it as craft ink spray.

Feature of product:

1. Professional dispensing

2. Wear and durable

3. Recyclable

4. Environmentally friendly and tasteless

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