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200ml 1:1 Epoxy Dispensing Gun PMG-200-11-J


200ml 1.1黑色胶枪 PMG-200-11-J

Epoxy Dispensing Gun is made of polymer engineering plastics and high-quality metal fittings. High quality, light design, flexible operation and durability. Suitable for 200ml 1:1 & 2:1 AB type Glue Cylinder Gluing.


Type: Epoxy Dispensing Gun

Material: Plastic ; Metal, 100% Brand new and high quality

Color: as is shown in


1. It is suitable for 200ml suits and is basically compatible with all standard 200ml cartridges.

2. Automatic mixing and delivery of impression material is easily achieved with this pistol dispenser.

3. Used to apply or dispense a variety of two-component adhesives or coatings to address the problem of uneven mixing of two-component adhesive products.

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