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Introduction to the knowledge of dispensing syringe

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Introduction to the knowledge of dispensing syringe

The dispensing syringe is a kind of commonly used consumable material in the electronic industry. It is used to hold glue. Micro pine is a brand of dispensing syringe, specializing in the supply of needles, dispensing syringe, dispensing machine, etc. There are two kinds of dispensing needles, Japanese and American, which need to be equipped with dispensing machine air compressor, because it is driven by gas.

SMT dispensing glue is divided into automatic dispensing glue, semi-automatic dispensing glue and manual dispensing glue, automatic and semi-automatic since needless to say, they are all using dispensing machine. Manual dispensing USES industrial syringes, which resemble syringes and are also called industrial syringes. The front part of the industrial syringe is connected to the syringe with internal screw teeth, so that there is no risk that the pressure will be too high and the needle will fall off.

Industrial needle is a single liquid dispensing tool, if you want to double groups of dispensing glue will use AB needle. The AB syringe can hold two different kinds of glue at the same time and mix them thoroughly through the mixing tube. Glue needle, glue needle tube, stainless steel needle and other products of a lot of models, when the choice to choose suitable for their own. Although automation is gradually being implemented, manual dispensing is irreplaceable in some places. In a word, whether using automatic dispensing machine or manual dispensing machine, it is important to save cost and improve quality.

The advantages of the dispensing syringe produced by Dongguan Shiyue Electronics Co., LTD are as follows:

1, cylinder wall both durable, not easy to occur chemical reaction. Don't drip.

2, the edge is not loose, no slope, no bubbles. The inner wall fits closely with the piston to ensure fluid flow.

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