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AB hose syringe glue gun spray bottle

These articles are all highly relevant AB hose syringe glue gun spray bottle. I believe this information can help you understand AB hose syringe glue gun spray bottle's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • Plastic bottle production process and flow

    Plastic bottles in the production of a certain production process and methods, plastic bottles processing methods include: extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, molding, lamination, casting, and so on.Plastic bottle production process is commonly used in two kinds: the first is th

  • Introduction to the knowledge of dispensing syringe

    The dispensing syringe is a kind of commonly used consumable material in the electronic industry. It is used to hold glue. Micro pine is a brand of dispensing syringe, specializing in the supply of needles, dispensing syringe, dispensing machine, etc. There are two kinds of dispensing needles, Japan

  • How to choose and use glue needle correctly?

    If you order glue for the second time, you should learn to adjust slowly. The selection of glue needle is from small to large, the speed of glue dispensing is from fast to slow, and the pressure regulation is from small to large. Compared with glue with good flow, you can choose from small needles,

  • Points to note in the process of dispensing

    In the process of product gluing, the defects are as follows: unqualified glue point size, wire drawing, glue impregnation, poor curing strength and easy to fall off, etc. To solve these problems, it is necessary to study the technical parameters as a whole in order to find a solution.In the process

  • How to choose plastic bottles

    Since the plasticizer incident was exposed, the spread has become larger and larger, and people are in danger for a short time. Consumers careful point can find that many of the size of the supermarket has been Taiwan drinks off the shelves, the public want to buy can not buy, but this does not mean

  • To ensure the quality of packaging must understand the characteristics of plastic bottles

    Polycarbonate bottles, or PC bottle is the commodity packaging bottle filling can be used for high temperature, but such as polycarbonate bottle used for holding need good barrier property of carbonated soft drinks (to prevent carbon dioxide from the beverage escape) or cooking oil (to prevent oxyge

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