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Is a static mixer a precision device?

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Is a static mixer a precision device?

Static mixers can achieve turbulent flow and relatively low-pressure losses. Static mixers can provide good continuous mixing and repeatable results for single-phase or multi-phase applications when adequately designed and sized.

Static mixers are precision devices that provide continuous mixing of fluid materials (e.g., liquids, gas streams) and are used to disperse gases into liquids or mix with immiscible liquids. The more important feature of static mixers is the ability to mix homogeneously, and the quality of each batch is the same. Static mixers are a low-maintenance solution for inline mixing and heat transfer. These units can be integrated into existing systems or designed to fit new systems, and static mixers can achieve the results required by the process.

static mixer

Tubular static mixers can help when used in conjunction with mixing valves to provide better results in fluctuating flow rates. One of the advantages of static mixer mixing valves is that static mixers produce relatively uniform droplet sizes. This uniform droplet size improves the surface area. Uniform drop size reduces the number of relatively small drops and relatively large drops, which can cause carryover and carryover problems.

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