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How to connect Static Mixers

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How to connect Static Mixers

The connections of Static Mixers can be roughly divided into three types at that time:

Flange connection: Flange connection is the most commonly used connection method among all Static Mixers, and it is also the most widely used connection method. According to different standards, Static Mixers flanges can be divided into national and American flanges. And Japanese standard flanges, of which Chinese standard flanges are the most used, followed by American standard and the most diminutive Japanese standard. According to different pressures, flanges can be divided into different pressure grades. When using, you only need to choose different pressure grades according to temperature and pressure.


Threaded connection: The threaded connection of Static Mixers is also often used in engineering. This connection method is mainly used for small-caliber Static Mixers. There are more threads on installing some small-caliber static mixers and some shorter Static Mixers. The threaded connection is small in size and has advantages in some places where the space layout is relatively tight.

Clamp connection: The clamp connection method is widely used in some food-based Static Mixers. The Static clamp Mixers are quick to install and suitable for occasions where disassembly and assembly are often required. It is easy to disassemble and assemble and can shorten the working time. This kind of joint is not easy to have residual materials, so food or medicine is preferred to use this connection method.

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