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What is a Dual Component Epoxy(3)

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What is a Dual Component Epoxy(3)

Using AB glue requires a total of 3 parts. In the first two articles, we introduced distributing guns and AB glue cartridges, respectively. This article will introduce you to some topics of the static mixing nozzle. The static mixing puzzle is the most complex part of these three things. The other two parts only need to be selected according to the required specifications and proportions. However, a static mixing nozzle is a part that is difficult to select.

Because there are many kinds of glue on the market. The consistency and mixing conditions of different glues are different. The caliber of the static mixing nozzle generally corresponds to the other two parts. A large AB glue cartridge corresponds to a large volume distributing gun and a large caliber static mixing nozzle. However, the length and structure of the static mixing nozzle need to be selected according to the characteristics of glue.

Generally, the glue that is easy to mix can be mixed with the more recommended structure. The length and structural complexity of this static mixing puzzle is relatively low. The glue that is difficult to mix shall be mixed with a longer and more complex structure in the pipe. There are spiral structures and square structures in the pipe.

Choosing the proper static mixing nozzle is not an easy task. If you are interested in this, please contact us for consultation. We will evaluate it according to the glue model you use and the actual use environment. A suitable static mixing nozzle can not only facilitate your use but also significantly reduce the cost.

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