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What Are The Application Industries Of AB Glue?

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What Are The Application Industries Of AB Glue?

Haijing is a professional dual cartridge systems manufacturer , which is mainly used in the AB glue industry. So what are the applications of AB glue?

AB glue using a wide range, including structure adhesive aerospace, aviation, automobile, machinery, ships, electronics, electrical appliances, instrumentation, construction, furniture, toys, railway vehicles, construction, arts and crafts, and other industries, small assembly, large assembly, emergency maintenance, water seepage, adhesive and so on the nameplate.

1. The electronic manufacturing industry

The positioning of the electronic system components, coating, equipment instrument parts within fixed

2. The motor manufacturing industry

Electric motor, the magnet in the magnetic adhesive motor.

4. Furniture manufacturing

Plastic, metal decorative strips and panel of adhesive, wood of fixed, fixed of marble and wood.

5. Machinery manufacturing industry

A variety of mechanical parts repair, fixed, the installation of wear-resistant alloy.

6. Lamp manufacturing industries

The installation of various lighting accessories, fixed.

7. Decoration industry

Iron and wood - plastic adhesive structure aluminum window frame, door frame, stair protection plate is fixed, marble and wood adhesive advertising signs, Numbers.

8. Stone processing industry

All kinds of marble, marble Mosaic, localization development much faster than the marble glue.

9. The elevator industry

Elevator bonding stainless steel sheet and strengthening rib.

10. Arts and crafts, toys, all kinds of different jewelry manufacturing

Ceramic crafts, glass products, shellfish, handicrafts, hairpins, etc.

11. Bags, the shoe industry

Suitcase with a metal or hard plastic reinforcement or decorate a fixed, boots, and with rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics and plastic cement.

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