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Static mixing tube

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Static mixing tube

The static mixing pipe is made by applying advanced scientific principles and precise production technology, so that the process of mixing and mixing two liquid materials can be automated and continuous Get rid of the traditional operation mode and solve the difficulties and product quality problems caused by manual operation in the past, save working time and improve product quality The mixing blade of static mixing tube is entirely designed according to hydrodynamics, and the structure of mixing blade and outer tube is compact 

The best mixing effect can be achieved by selecting different number of mixing blade nodes There are many types of designs at the end of the static mixer, such as intercepting the required glue outlet diameter according to the required flow, installing the conversion head, and switching various diameter needle nozzles to meet the requirements of small glue quantity or hose Mr Green (interface diameter: 16.70 mm o) please note: when the mixing pipe is applied to high viscosity two liquid materials, in order to prevent the gap between the mixing blade and the outer pipe caused by pressure expansion It is necessary to protect the metal sleeve to ensure that the mixing effect is the same as the mixing quality.

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