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Practical application of static mixing tube (2)

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Practical application of static mixing tube (2)


There are two ways to dispense glue using a static mixing tube—manual dispenser and MMD. Manual dispensers are more cost-effective, so we recommend using manual dispensers.



So what should you pay attention to when using a manual dispenser. We should first control a reasonable flow rate. It cannot be too fast or too slow. The ratio of the two cans of glue is set in advance, and the user should estimate the pressure that needs to be applied if it is a high-adhesion AB glue. Then it would help if you exerted more force to push them to mix well. If the dispenser is held in hand, the Manual dispenser cannot push the glue. Then we choose MMD for dispensing.


MMD can complete more work, and the thrust of MMD is also greater. In the case of financial conditions permitting, MMD is an upgrade of the handheld dispensing gun. But the cost is also higher. If damage occurs, repairing is also very difficult.


But on some occasions, that require manual work. The manual dispenser is more advantageous. For example, the cabins of airplanes and trains include some narrow indoor operations. Because the work required in these places is very cumbersome, the amount of work is significant, but the area is small. In this case, the manual dispenser is more advantageous.


The above are some suggestions on how to choose a dispenser. In the following article, we will update the issues that need attention when dispensing glue. We look forward to your message. We will get back to you in time.




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