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Practical application of static mixing tube (1)

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Practical application of static mixing tube (1)

Choosing a suitable static mixing tube is not just choosing one in the product catalog. In the absence of experience, you should refer to the information provided by the adhesive supplier. Or refer to the opinions of the static mixing tube supplier. Because when the glue is stirred in the static mixing tube, we must consider many factors. The physical properties of the glue and the actual use environment will affect the selection of the static mixing tube. Usually, we conclude many trials.


Before the popularization of static mixing tubes, people are very troublesome when using glue. It would help if you first transferred the glue from the bucket to the mixing container. Manually stir and mix, and then transfer the glue to the dispenser. This process is very cumbersome and error-prone. The process of multiple transfers is prone to produce a lot of bubbles. These bubbles will significantly affect the adhesion of the glue. If the situation is difficult, it may cause the product to be scrapped and reworked. Cause a specific cost increase. The use of static mixing tubes can avoid the generation of bubbles and make the mixing more complete. Make the adhesive achieve the best effect, the best bonding effect.


Before using the manual dispenser, carefully read the guidelines provided by the static mixer tube manufacturer. Choose according to the parameters of the glue. We will continue to update news related to static mixing tubes. Leave your contact information to get a free quote!


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