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Features of the static mixing tube

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Features of the static mixing tube

The glue industry has developed for many years, and AB glue has also changed from industrial glue to a kind of glue for civilians. However, most people need to prepare equipment such as a glue gun and static mixing tube to use AB glue. So what are the characteristics of the static mixing tube?

AB glue has been developed for many years, and its supporting tools have also evolved and evolved. At present, our static mixing tube adopts an improved interface, which has better sealing performance than an ordinary bayonet mixing tube and more scientific fluid distribution. The front and back blades of the spiral core are arranged in sequence and tightly integrated with the shell so that the effect of the fluid mixing tube is better. You can choose different models according to the glue ratio and production process.

Workers using static mixing tubes will no longer generate bubbles during the mixing process, which can improve production efficiency and reduce rework and reduce costs. In the hands of some users, the static mixing tube is reusable, and timely cleaning and maintenance after use can significantly extend its service life. This can further help you save costs.

You need to pay attention to that you have to choose products with different inner diameters and lengths according to the mixing characteristics of the two-component adhesive to solve the two-component mixing operation.

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