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AB Glue Construction Method

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AB Glue Construction Method

SAYYES is the leading plastic static mixer manufacturer, offers AB glue mixing tubes. Depending on the usable time of AB glue, the operation is different. Many friends do not know the construction method of AB glue, and the wrong use causes waste. Next, SAYYES will explain to you the construction method of AB glue.

AB glue construction method

1. Fast-curing type. The use method of this type of AB glue is to first apply A glue on the surface of the sticky material (of course B glue is also possible), not too thick; then apply B glue (of course A glue can also be used). Then put another Just close the adherend.

There is another way: there is a dual glue cartridge on the market: although the dual glue cartridge can be divided into AB glue, an AB glue mixing tubes is connected below, and there is a stirring screw in the mixing tube. After the AB glue is separately loaded, just add the dual glue cartridges Press to push in, and the glue will be mixed into the mixing tube, so that it can be applied to the dispensing part.

2. For AB glue that can be used for a long time, you can mix AB glue according to the ratio provided by the supplier, and stir it evenly with a glass rod. According to your operation requirements, see the thinness and consistency (the AB glue is thicker and thicker until it is completely cured ), apply the glue at an appropriate time.

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