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Foam Pump Classification and Use

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Foam Pump Classification and Use

What is a foam pump?

The foam pump is ejected under a rapid condition, and then a certain negative pressure is formed around the liquid column. The suction gas generated by the negative pressure enters the mixing part, so that air and liquid are mixed again to form bubbles, which are ejected from the foam pump product.

There are usually three types according to the discharge quantity of nozzles.

1.0.4cc foam pumps are generally available in the market with a diameter of 30 teeth. Mainly used for women's care liquid, hand sanitizer and facial cleaning Mu Si, etc.

2.0.8cc foam pump, there are usually 40 teeth and 43 teeth in the market. Mainly used for foam cleansing Mu Si, baby foam shampoo and body wash, foam hand sanitizer, etc.

3. The spit-out volume is 3cc and 3.5cc, so the tooth diameter is 58 teeth. Mainly used for adult foam shower gel. Cleanser, facial cleanser Mu Si, shampoo and hand sanitizer, etc.

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