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2nd Generation Helical Type Static Mixer


helical type static mixer

Helical Type Static Mixer

The Helical Type Static Mixer with lightweight a square bayonet connector, energy and AB cones tight junctions, the liquid from AB plastic tube into the mixing tube in tube flow do cutting restructuring movement which played a mixed role. Efficiently mixes a variety of 2 Part adhesives, sealers and foams.


1. Load a dual component cartridge into the epoxy manual dispensing gun, attach a plastic static mixer, squeeze the trigger to advance the plunger, and out comes premixed epoxy, which you can use to fill voids, cracks and holes with ease or to put just the right amount where you need it for repairs.

2. Reuse a partially empty dual component cartridge by removing the tip and replacing the cap to preserve the remaining glue for another day, or simply toss an empty dual component cartridge.

3. Replace with a new dual component cartridge and plastic static mixer and keep gluing.

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