200ml 1:1 Dual Component Cartridge F system

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200ml 11 F system

About the System 200ml Adhesive Cartridges

The F-System 200ml adhesive cartridge comes in a variety of configurations and mixing ratios. The F-System cartridges can be dispensed with most standard cartridge guns and provide a top of the line solution for two part adhesive dispensing.

The F-System 200ml two part adhesive cartridges allow for easy filling and dispensing of two part adhesives.

Product Highlights

· Type: Cartridge System

· Adhesive Ratio: 10:1, 1:1, 2:1, 4:1

· Cartridge Size: 200 ml

· System: F System

· Material can be PP,PA,PBT

· Catridge , cap , seal Color can be customized.