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Spray Bottle for Face


spray bottle for face

A refillable and mist fine spray bottle for face, great for home, bathroom, kitchen, aromatherapy,travel. Get one mist empty Water Bottle that you can use with essential oils, beauty, cleaning, cooking and personal care.


1. Spray bottle for face is made by environmental protection technology, BPA free, healthy and environmental protection, can be used repeatedly.It's a convenient size to throw into any backpacks,Walletpocket,Suitable for daily life.

2. Leak proof design - full enclosed leak proof cover, protect the pressing head, prevent accidental press spillage; screw type bottle mouth, better sealing,rotate upside down without leakage.

3. Multiple uses: it can be used for moisturizing water, hair spray, eyeglass cleanser and air freshener. It is very suitable for any business or holiday travel, children camping, outdoor activities, etc.

4. Notice:Don't use this bottle to hold hot water, otherwise the bottle will be warped and it may burn you.

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