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To ensure the quality of packaging must understand the characteristics of plastic bottles

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To ensure the quality of packaging must understand the characteristics of plastic bottles

Polycarbonate bottles, or PC bottle is the commodity packaging bottle filling can be used for high temperature, but such as polycarbonate bottle used for holding need good barrier property of carbonated soft drinks (to prevent carbon dioxide from the beverage escape) or cooking oil (to prevent oxygen into the bottle, lest the cooking oil oxidation and rancidity), is not well protect the goods, can not get the ideal packaging effect; With ordinary polyester stretch packaging bottle of carbonated drinks, can effectively prevent co2 escape in beverage (excellent blocking performance of polyester stretch bottle), be used for packaging of edible oil, can delay the oxidation of edible oil, prolong the shelf life (polyester stretch bottle of oxygen barrier performance is good, can effectively prevent the oxygen from the atmosphere through the wall of the container into the bottle), but its for packaging of high temperature filling goods such as fruit juice, in the high temperature filling, polyester stretch bottle will happen serious metamorphic lost their use value.

Polycarbonate blow molding bottles and ordinary polyester stretch blow molding bottles have excellent transparency and gloss, which are very similar in appearance. However, polycarbonate bottles have outstanding high-temperature resistance (they can withstand high temperature disinfection above 120℃), but poor barrier performance. And ordinary polyester stretch blown bottle barrier performance is good, but the heat resistance is poor (generally recommended in the temperature below 60℃). If polyethylene container acid, alkaline is good again, but do not bear numerous organic solvent, and nylon container bears hydrocarbon and organic solvent, but acid-base is bad (especially acid-proof performance is bad) wait.

Polyethylene bottle PE bottle can dress materials such as acid and alkali and unfavorable containing benzene, toluene and so on organic solvents (polyethylene bottle swelling strength significantly decreased or organic solvents by the container to the wall to escape), and although the nylon container should not be stored materials such as acid and alkali, but used to dress up organic solvent such as benzene, xylene is very appropriate. Multilayer composite containers PE/PA/PE and PE layer, the appearance is almost exactly the same, even if is the expert in plastic products industry, also it is hard to just appearance different separate them, but the differences of two containers in performance is very large, especially for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and organic solvent barrier performance, can differ dozens of times and even hundreds of times more, so can not only from the appearance of the plastic container to judge its adaptability, and to grasp the basic characteristics of plastic container, otherwise often due to the improper selection of plastic containers and cause huge losses.

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