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Plastic bottle production process and flow

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Plastic bottle production process and flow

Plastic bottles in the production of a certain production process and methods, plastic bottles processing methods include: extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, molding, lamination, casting, and so on.

Plastic bottle production process is commonly used in two kinds: the first is the extrusion blowing process, the plastic raw materials into the extruder, by heating molten plastic extruding molten billet, and then into the bottle mold blowing molding, cooling and shaping after taking out from the mold, repair after the waste edge to get the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene, PVC plastic bottles, such as milk bottles, soy oil bottles. The second is the injection drawing and blowing process, in which the plastic raw materials are injected into the tubular blank by the injection molding machine, and then put into the bottle mold through the stretching blowing and injection molding, and the finished product is obtained after cooling. This process is mainly used to produce PET plastic bottles, such as mineral water bottles.

Plastic bottles is passed, blow molding, plastic heating melt, then pressed into a special blow molding mold and the internal air pressure, pressure, mold plastic, forming the shape of the final product, because the shape of the bottle to the external pressure of time, so the emphasis is on the bottle itself inward, heating temperature reaches a certain degree, will soften plastic, pressure resistance is smaller, so the bottle will become smaller and smaller.

In certain processing characteristics of the processing and production of plastic bottles, in accordance with a certain grace period treatment means, to ensure the production and processing quality and performance of good usage. Here are some plastic bottles in different aspects of processing characteristics: characteristics 1, high shrinkage

The enhanced plastic shrinkage rate is smaller than the general pressure of the plastic, which is mainly contracted by the composition and chemical structure of the thermal shrinkage. Factors that affect the shrinkage of the first plastic variety. Than the general epoxy phenolic, epoxy phenolic, unsaturated polyester, etc., should be large, one of the smallest shrinkage of unsaturated polyester materials. And then shrinkage and other factors that affect the shape of the shrinkage and the thickness of the plastic parts, large thick walls,

Plastic and fiberglass fillers contain a small volume of shrinkage, volatile content is also very suitable for large shrinkage, forming pressure, volumetric load shrinkage, thermal shrinkage ratio of large cooling, lack of a large shrinkage curing peel.

Influence the use of plastic bottles to reduce shrinkage and prevent the use of shrinkage has an important phenomenon of one of the important factors of shrinkage, affecting the actual use effect. Second, strong fluidity, the flow of reinforced plastic material than the average pressure difference, liquid resin is easy to produce excessive accumulation and glass loss respectively. Too little pressure and temperature will build up significantly.

Many factors affect the fluidity of certain materials in order to assess the fluidity and must be made up of specific analyses. Factors affecting liquidity.

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