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Plastic Bottle Packaging Can Be Seen Everywhere on The Market

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Plastic Bottle Packaging Can Be Seen Everywhere on The Market

At present, most of the drugs, nutrition and health care products, and various foods and drinks sold in the domestic market are packaged in plastic bottles. You can go to drugstores or supermarkets and see products packaged in plastic bottles everywhere.

Plastic bottles are characterized by their light weight, non-friable, clean and beautiful appearance. Some technical indexes and a large number of data show that they have excellent chemical resistance and water vapor permeability resistance sealing performance. They can completely play a role of safety shielding and protection for the products contained within the validity period.

Principles for selecting plastic bottles:

1. No matter what raw materials are selected for plastic bottles, they must first meet the requirements of innocuity and no peculiar smell. As there are many kinds of main raw materials to choose from, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of raw materials. At present, the domestic packaging bottles of nutritional health products and foods are mainly made of PET or HPDE, while the bottle caps are made of PP.

2. Sealing property of bottle body and lid and water vapor permeability. Sealing property and water vapor permeability are two important technical indexes of plastic bottles, which have a crucial influence on the stability of packaged products.

3. Plastic bottle product quality standards. The quality of products can be analyzed and judged from the product quality standards of the manufacturers.

4. Quality assurance system. Auditing suppliers has become an essential part of purchasing plastic bottles. Through auditing, a comprehensive and correct evaluation can be made on the comprehensive level of software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality of the production plant.

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