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  • The related introduction of static mixer

    The static mixer is a highly engineered static mixing device that can realize continuous online mixing of fluids in the pipeline. The static mixer has no moving parts. It uses airflow energy to produce consistent, cost-effective, and reliable mixing. The static mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mix

  • The working principle of the manual dispensing gun

    A manual dispensing gun is a tool used by workers to manually control the dispensing, which belongs to semi-automatic dispensing machines. The degree of automation is not high, and it is generally used on equipment with many types and specifications of dispensing products. It is not suitable for dis

  • What is a Dual Component Epoxy?

    What is a Dual Component Epoxy(2)In the last article, we briefly introduced information about dual component epoxy. This article will introduce you to some practical knowledge. This involves the use of distributing guns and static mixers. This paper will mainly introduce the practical application of

  • How to choose a dispensing gun?

    How to choose a dispensing gun Nowadays, many manual industries need to use glue guns for glue work, so there is a tremendous demand for them. There are mainly two types of glue guns on the market, namely electric glue guns and manual glue guns. We will talk about these two dispensing guns to let yo

  • How to use static mixing tube correctly

    How to use static mixing tube correctly The static mixing tube is a must for using a manual glue gun. The precision-fitting spiral blade can make the mixing more uniform and complete. Please note that different glues should choose different static mixing tubes. Glues of different processes and formu

  • Features of the static mixing tube

    The glue industry has developed for many years, and AB glue has also changed from industrial glue to a kind of glue for civilians. However, most people need to prepare equipment such as a glue gun and static mixing tube to use AB glue. So what are the characteristics of the static mixing tube?

  • What does the static mixing tube bring?

    What does the static mixing tube bring?People always think that the static mixing tube is a unique mixing tool for AB glue. People are straightforward to be limited by this inherent thinking. We can say that it can mix almost all viscous liquids with static mixing tubes. There are also many examples

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