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  • How does a static mixer work?

    Try pouring salad oil over water and see what happens. Two layers form, and the oil floats on the water. Try blowing air into a liquid. What happens? Bubbles appear in the liquid but also disappear quickly. In thicker oils, this happens more slowly than in water. Oil, water, or natural gas do not mi

  • Is a static mixer a precision device?

    Static mixers can achieve turbulent flow and relatively low-pressure losses. Static mixers can provide good continuous mixing and repeatable results for single-phase or multi-phase applications when adequately designed and sized.Static mixers are precision devices that provide continuous mixing of f

  • The method of discharging bubbles from the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun

    There are generally two problems with the bubbles in the dispensing syringe of the dispensing gun. First, the bubbles appear in the glue itself. Second, air enters the glue during use. Two points need to be excluded when using the dispensing syringe. It is perfect to use the dispensing syringe; othe

  • How to be more accurate with a hand-held dispensing gun

    When applying glue in the production process, it is usually done by manual dispensing by manually holding the glue bottle. However, the precision control range of this method is highly dependent on the accuracy of manual operation, and the quality of the finished product often depends on the operato

  • How to connect Static Mixers

    The connections of Static Mixers can be roughly divided into three types at that time:Flange connection: Flange connection is the most commonly used connection method among all Static Mixers, and it is also the most widely used connection method. According to different standards, Static Mixers flang

  • How do prevent bubbles from appearing in the dispensing syringe of the Dispensing Gun when dispensing?

    Is your Dispensing Gun oozing, dripping, or beading on the end of the dispensing needle? If all settings for the Dispensing Gun are correct, this may be the result of air entrapment. To prevent air from affecting the consistency of the glue point, when dispensing with a syringe barrel, use the follo

  • What kinds of Dispensing Guns are there?

    Manual Dispensing Gun: The manual is extremely portable and lightweight, making it ideal for dispensing two-component materials. My Standard Manual Dispensing Gun comes in 150mL, 200mL, 300mL, 380mL, 400mL, 450mL, 600mL and 1500mL capacities. They are available in 1:1, 2:1, or 10:1 mix ratios and ha

  • How do Static Mixers work?

    Try pouring cooking oil over water and see what happens? You will see that the water and oil form two layers, and the oil will float on the water. Try blowing air into the liquid again and see what happens? Bubbles appear in the liquid but also disappear quickly.In thicker oils, this happens more sl

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