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  • Don'T You Know The Working Principle Of Static Mixing Tube?

    As the leading static mixer manufacturer, SAYYES static mixing tube is specially designed for the new 50ml dispensing gun. Its intubation interface has better sealing performance than ordinary bayonet mixing tube, and the fluid distribution is more scientific. The front and back blades of the spiral

  • Some Precautions For Using Two-Component Polyurethane Adhesives

    The good composite effect of two-component polyurethane adhesive is related to various conditions. In addition to the use of good quality static mixer nozzles and dual cartridge dispensing guns, changes in the working environment are also very important factors. In other words, as the seasons and cl

  • Plastic bottle production process and flow

    Plastic bottles in the production of a certain production process and methods, plastic bottles processing methods include: extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, molding, lamination, casting, and so on.Plastic bottle production process is commonly used in two kinds: the first is th

  • How Does AB Glue Change From Liquid To Solid?

    How does AB glue change from liquid to solid? SAYYES is a professional dual component packaging manufacturer in China, to introduce the three stages of AB glue curing.

  • This glue gun is not ordinary

    This glue gun is not ordinaryI can see that there is an unusual gun here. This gun is called a adhesive dispensing gun. How do you use this gun?1. First read the life book, pay attention to the different components of the glue gun, and how they should work. The instruction manual should be able to t

  • What's wrong with AB glue half dry?

    What's wrong with AB glue half dry? In the process of AB glue sticking, is it often encountered that the AB glue is half-dry and does not solidify for a long time.There may be several reasons, check it yourself. 1. The ratio is wrong2. Uneven mixing3. Too much color concentrate or too much other fil

  • AB Glue Construction Method

    SAYYES is the leading plastic static mixer manufacturer, offers AB glue mixing tubes. Many friends do not know the construction method of AB glue, and the wrong use causes waste. Next, SAYYES will explain to you the construction method of AB glue.Depending on the usable time of AB glue, the operatio

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