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  • What kinds of Dispensing Guns are there?

    Manual Dispensing Gun: The manual is extremely portable and lightweight, making it ideal for dispensing two-component materials. My Standard Manual Dispensing Gun comes in 150mL, 200mL, 300mL, 380mL, 400mL, 450mL, 600mL and 1500mL capacities. They are available in 1:1, 2:1, or 10:1 mix ratios and ha

  • How do Static Mixers work?

    Try pouring cooking oil over water and see what happens? You will see that the water and oil form two layers, and the oil will float on the water. Try blowing air into the liquid again and see what happens? Bubbles appear in the liquid but also disappear quickly.In thicker oils, this happens more sl

  • A basic introduction to Static Mixers

    Static Mixers DefinitionIt is a new online and efficient mixing equipment in the process flow. Static Mixers are a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment without moving parts. Its primary working mechanism is to use the mixing unit fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tub

  • How to install and use Dispensing Gun

    People often use sealant to seal the gaps on the pool countertop, doors, windows, etc. The sealant is usually used in conjunction with the Dispensing Gun. The installation and use of the Dispensing Gun can be divided into the following 4 steps.1. Prepare materialsWhen installing and using sealants,

  • Standard Troubleshooting of Dispensing Gun

    1. Drip valveThis situation often occurs after the pre-gluing valve of the Dispensing Gun is closed. 95% of these cases are due to the use of too tiny needles in diameter. A too small needle will affect the flow of the liquid and cause back pressure, resulting in a dripping phenomenon shortly after

  • Static mixing tube

    Static mixing tubeThe static mixing pipe is made by applying advanced scientific principles and precise production technology, so that the process of mixing and mixing two liquid materials can be automated and continuous Get rid of the traditional operation mode and solve the difficulties and produc

  • How static mixer tubes help workers reduce labor

    How static mixer tubes help workers reduce laborIn the past, it was challenging for people to mix glue or other fluids, especially when there were a lot of fluids to be mixed. Many people think that industrial blending is as easy as brewing instant coffee in life, but this is a misconception.The sta

  • How to choose a dispensing gun?

    How to choose a dispensing gun Nowadays, many manual industries need to use glue guns for glue work, so there is a tremendous demand for them. There are mainly two types of glue guns on the market, namely electric glue guns and manual glue guns. We will talk about these two dispensing guns to let yo

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