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  • How to choose and use glue needle correctly?

    If you order glue for the second time, you should learn to adjust slowly. The selection of glue needle is from small to large, the speed of glue dispensing is from fast to slow, and the pressure regulation is from small to large. Compared with glue with good flow, you can choose from small needles,

  • Foam Pump Classification and Use

    What is a foam pump?The foam pump is ejected under a rapid condition, and then a certain negative pressure is formed around the liquid column. The suction gas generated by the negative pressure enters the mixing part, so that air and liquid are mixed again to form bubbles, which are ejected from the

  • Some General Questions and Answers on Foam Pump

    The following are some regular questions and answers about foam pump, in order to let everyone know more about foam pump.Q: Where is the core of foam pump?A: The core lies in the soft rubber fittings matched with the piston.Q: Does the foam pump require the viscosity of the material?A: It's ok if th

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